Burn Permit Information

New Residential Open Burning Regulations

Open burning is a source of air pollution that is regulated by the Utah Division of Air Quality (DAQ). There are statewide rules in place that regulate open burning activities. Recent modifications to these rules change the open burn periods and include a statewide requirement to obtain a DAQ Online Open Burn Permit Application prior to burning.


In Cache County, Open Burn Permits may be issued between March 30 and May 30 and between September 15 and October 30


The DAQ rules governing open burning can be found in the Utah Administrative Code (UAC) R307-202. This rule allows open burning of: clippings, bushes, plants and pruning's from trees incident to property and residential clean-up activities, provided that the following conditions have been met:


  • The clearing index is 500 or greater. The clearing index is a measure of the atmospheric mixing and wind speed. A clearing index less than 500 is considered poor atmospheric conditions and a permit will not be issued.


The Utah Division of Air Quality’s online Open Burn Permit Application must be completed, a valid permit number issued by the DAQ.


Applicants statewide are required to complete the Utah Division of Air Quality Open Burn Permit Application prior to igniting and open burn.


The online open burn permit application program checks to see if there is an active open burn window and checks the clearing index to see if it is forecast to be above 500.


An open burn permit application is required for each separate burn. An open burn permit is valid only on the lands specified in the permit and is required to be on site at the time of the burn. All materials to be burned must be clearly described and quantified in the application. Applicants must be aware of any and all local, state and federal rules and regulations applicable to their area. Open burning may be prohibited in some areas of the state.


Additional information and the open burn permit application can be completed online, or you can also reach the application by browsing to the Cache County home page and clicking the flame image in the I Want to section.

If completing the open burn permit application online is not an option, a hard copy of the application may be completed and submitted by mail to the DAQ for electronic processing. To request a hard copy of the open burn permit application, contact the DAQ by phone at (801) 536-4000. Please note: it may take up to 14 days from the date of request to receive an open burn permit if a hard copy is submitted for processing.

If your fire extends beyond your control you should immediately call the fire department at 911.


To contact the Division of Air Quality with questions, please call (801) 536-4000.