McMurdie Hollow and South Canyon Road: Slide Areas

This project is located in two locations along the banks of streams contributing to the Little Bear River.  The purpose is to correct slope failure conditions that threaten the use of two County roads.  One project location is on South Canyon Road approximately ¼ mile south of the County road closure gate near Davenport and 2 miles south of Avon.  Davenport Creek at this location has been eroding into a mountainside embankment for a period of time more than ten years.   This erosive action has lead to a gradual loss of support for a section of South Canyon Road.  The high water runoff of the 2011 runoff season increased the rate of erosion and threatened to collapse a portion of South Canyon Road.  The Little Bear River Bank Protection Project constructs a shoring retaining wall in this location and places gabion baskets filled with rock material.  The project concept is to stabilize the eroding embankment and prevent the stream from causing further slope failures.

The second project location is along Mt Pisgah Road (8700 South) west of Paradise at a point directly opposite the Paradise Drive intersection.  A small stream in McMurdie Hollow has been causing erosion at the bottom of a steep embankment for a period of time and similar to the South Canyon Road embankment failure.  The higher than normal runoff of 2011 accelerated erosion, and impending continued failure of the embankment now threatens to close Mt. Pisgah Road at this location.  The project concept is to stabilize the remaining embankment slope with a shoring retain wall and prevent further erosion caused by the stream.

Project construction is to begin in mid March and extend to June 1, 2013.  During this time the contractor will be working and public access on both South canyon Road and Mt Pisgah Road will be limited.  South Canyon Road is normally closed until approximately June 1, so little impact to the public will be created.  Private access for ranchers can be arranged by contact with the Cache County Engineer.  Access along Mt. Pisgah Road west of Paradise Drive will also be restricted and closed to the public during the construction period.