State Road Commission Surveys

State Road Commission Surveys

1933-SR101-Wellsville-2900 W-137.A

1933-4thNorthMain to GolfCourse-134-A

1934-2nd North Logan

1935-Main St Bridge Over Logan River

1936-2nd North-3rd West-Little Bear-Cutler-154D-154B-154A


1936-SR89-91-Logan to Wellsville-127-F

1936-Wellsville to Logan-127-F

1937-Valley View Highway-154-C

1937-Valley View Road-154-C

1938-2nd North-Main-2nd West-154.D

1938-SR89-Logan Canyon-Temple Fork-County Border-1-A


1943-SR142 Cache Junction

1943-Box Elder County Line to Wellsville

1943-Box Elder County Line to Wellsville-2

1943-Cache Junction Area


1945-Hwy165 Avon-S-8

1946-Cornish Trenton

1946-Richmond to Trenton

1946-Richmond to Trenton-2

1946-SR142-Towards Richmond-SR170


1946-Hyrum to Logan

1947-College Ward-F-044

1948-SR101 Hyrum to Wellsville


1950-Hwy91 Logan to Smithfield

1950-Trenton to Newton S-288

1950-1952-SR165 Logan to Nibley

1950-Main Street Through Logan

1951-Cornish to Cove S-130

1951-Cornish to Cove S-130-2

1952-SR-165 Paradise Hyrum Nibley-S-316

1953-SR142-Cub River Crossing S-105

1953-2400 West Amalga South

1953-Newton to Amalga

1953-S105-Lewiston Bridge-Road

1954-MainSt-North Logan to Smithfield

1955-Clarkston to Trenton-S-105


1956-3rd South 4th East River Heights Logan Area

1956-SR89-91 Logan to Wellsville

1958-Newton Amalga Smithfield-0537

1958-SR101 Blacksmith Fork-SR-242

1958-4th North US89 Near Golf Course

1959-Logan Canyon F-021

1960-SR23-State Line-SR61-S-0534

1960-SR288 Cornish Trenton Lewiston Richmond

1960-SR288 Cornish Trenton Lewiston Richmond-2

1961-Bridge Over Bear River SR142

1963-SR89-91 Sardine Summit Box Elder Side

1967-LoganCanyon F-021

SR89-91 Logan to Wellsville F-017